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You and your employees have worked hard to build a successful business that you are quite proud of.  The future of your insurance firm is obviously very important to you.  In fact, your firm is probably the largest and most valuable asset you own. How do you realize the value of that asset?  How do you finally break through to that next level of growth and success?  What are the risks of doing nothing?


Perhaps, the time has come when you want or need to secure or monetize your equity in your insurance business. Maybe you are just a few years from retirement and want to consider your options now, while you can still give a buyer a few years of transition and in so doing, maximize your sale proceeds.  It could be that you love your work and can't see yourself ever retiring but you know that you need a partner to help your firm grow and better compete.  We can help create an even better future for you and your employees.  Why not at least consider the options?


Whatever your goals, we can develop flexible deal structures to meet them.  Unlike many other insurance agency and brokerage firm acquirers in the market today, we are committed to preserving the relationships and culture of your company.  To us, these are the things that make your company the most valuable.


Complete confidentiality is assured when entering into discussions with us.  We understand that you cannot risk your employees, customers or insurance carriers learning that you are considering your options...


Whether you are looking for a direct outright purchase or selling with the option to stay involved, we can develop a deal structure to meet your needs. Sometimes, tax considerations make a buyout over time more advantageous for you...


The first thing we need to understand when working with you is to learn what your goals are for yourself and your firm and see if they align with ours.  If our goals are not the same, no deal could ever be struck between us that would stand the test of time... 



Culpeper Insurance Partners, LLC

Atlanta Area Office

3480 Preston Ridge Rd., Suite 500

Alpharetta, GA 30005

(770) 727-3268


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Culpeper Insurance Partners, LLC (an affiliate of Culpeper Capital, LLC) was established in 2022 to purchase and operate independent insurance agencies and brokerage firms, typically in partnership with their former owners.  We seek to be an owner / investor in insurance firms where the current owners are looking for a perpetuation strategy for their business and a liquidity event involving the sale of some of their equity.  Ideally, we look for partnership opportunities where we can bring capital, deeper resources, scale and expertise to help insurance firms greatly expand the value of their business and thereby, increase their equity sale proceeds over time.  The principals of Culpeper have transacted more than 100 acquisitions of various sizes and complexity since 2002.


We are well capitalized and you should care.  This is critically important to your future because it isn't just about getting the highest possible purchase price multiple for your firm.  You need a partner that has the ability to pay and meet its present and future financial obligations to you under any deal structure that is negotiated.  At Culpeper, we understand how critical our ability to pay is to your security.  We realize that you can't come out of retirement or have to try to reclaim your business after you've sold it because an acquirer doesn't have the capital to pay you.   We have the ability to pay in cash, if this is the desired method.  In addition, we have access to substantial financing and if necessary, we can provide letters of credit for your security.  Culpeper is supported by some of the largest and most prominent private equity partners in the country with hundreds of millions to invest.

Our Mission:

We seek to offer independent agencies a different model for monetizing their equity in their agency by entering into a partnership with Culpeper.  Our agency and brokerage partners choose us because we offer an alternative to simply being absorbed and changed by large national brokers or just part of an impersonal transaction by large agency private equity aggregators.  We value and foster the unique entrepreneurship that made the agency successful in the first place and offer our partners the autonomy to continue running the business using our capital, tools, and help.  We can assist with their succession plans and help them scale their business much faster than they could have on their own. 


Our Culture:

  • We are profit focused but, take a long-term view.

  • Delivering superior customer service and caring about clients is fundamental to our sales success.

  • Relationships and people matter. Your company's culture is also an asset we are buying so it must continue and become a part of ours.

  • Ethics and professionalism - ours and yours- are non-negotiable.  We do things the right way, even when the right way is much more difficult or less profitable.

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