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Your Options


We want what you want.  Increasing revenues, expanding profits and an enjoyable and rewarding place to work for everyone.  We offer the chance to monetize the value of your equity for a fair price while helping you achieve these things.

  • Sell with an option to stay involved and remain active in the agency.

  • Stay on as a producer, leader or employee after the sale and be compensated for your service after the sale via a commission structure or salary.

  • Deal structures that allow you to share in future profits and growth of the agency even after the sale

  • Sell and retire (almost immediately) yet with provisions to still participate for a period of time in future profits and growth of the agency

  • Immediate cash buyout

  • Payouts that stage payments over multiple years to minimize capital gains taxes

  • Sell with an option to partially finance our acquisition of your agency by holding a note; offering you attractive interest income in addition to the sale proceeds

  • Deals based upon a multiple of average commission and fee revenue or profit earned over a defined period

  • Partnership options allowing you to retain some minority ownership of the agency

  • Other options and deal structures are negotiable​

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